Miller Theatres COVID-19 Precautions

Due to COVID-19, Miller Theatres has set up precautions that we kindly ask our customers to
follow when they come to enjoy a movie. We are also encouraging our customers to reserve their
seats beforehand, leave empty seats between groups, and show up to their movie no more than 15
minutes ahead of time to minimize contact. Precautions we’re taking to keep you safe include:

- Per Jackson County law, customers will be required to wear face masks upon entry into
Miller Theatres and must be worn throughout the entire building unless seated in the
- Utilizing stickers that are placed six feet apart and recommend that customers practice
social distancing.
- Several sanitation stations set up that are accessible to customers
- Designating employees to focus on cleaning constantly as customers come through (door
handles, self serve machines, etc).
- Employees will wear face masks and consistently sanitize.
- Lowering the “sold out” cap of ticket sales to the Jackson County required amount.
- Scheduling extra time between showtimes for our ushers to thoroughly sanitize each
- If you’re feeling ill, please stay home - we will get you taken care of if you pre-purchased
- We are once again offering curbside concessions for those who would like to enjoy our
snacks from the comfort of their own home. Visit us at to place
your order.

Although we want our customers to have the best experience possible, our first priority is the
safety of both our customers and employees. We hope with these precautions that both of these
will happen. And as we continue to get closer to enjoying movies as they were meant to, we truly
appreciate your continued support!